Jobs Available

Following is a list of all the different jobs that need to be filled during a typical operating session. Most jobs require at least one "qualified" crew member, but new crew members may bid for any job as a student.

The jobs vary from easy/quick (anybody) to complicated (only qualified operators):

* PDX-1 (The Shoreline Local): Cedar Hill-New London - shortest/smallest job (New Haven staging, switch Old Saybrook, New London staging. 45-60mins) Up to 2 man crew.

* PDX-2 (The Haddam Local): New London to East Haddam to New Haven - 2nd longest job (2 hrs +/-). Up to 2 man crew.

* HDX-12 (The Air Line Local): over the modules to Middletown and return - depending on traffic, could tie with PDX-2 as 2nd longest job (1.5-2.5hrs). Up to 2 man crew.

* HDX-7 (The Valley Local): Hartford to Middletown (sometimes all the way to East Haddam or up to East Berlin, depending on the day) and return - by far always the longest job on the railroad, with the most work to do. (2.5-3hrs) Up to 2 man crew.

* Agent/Operator: sits at desk, issues paperwork, mans the "tower" controlling mainline switches in Old Saybrook & acts as Dispatcher and General Suprintendent. (1 qualified operator, 1 trainee)

* Mainline Mole(s): Operates mainline trains between Cedar Hill Yard/New Haven and Fort Yard/New London (two mainline staging yards) through Old Saybrook, according to prototype timetable. Sometimes the crew of PDX-1 will move over to this job after PDX-1 books off. (1-2 man qualified crew, plus trainees).