Saybrook Control Panel

Originally, I'd planned on having all my turnouts operated manually. I use Micro-Engineering turnouts and they have the handy-dandy built-in spring that will hold the points which ever way you throw them. And they work out great - and prototypically - on the Valley Line, but it occurred to me sometime during construction of the Saybrook scene (not to mention the Saybrook Tower) that it'd be really cool - and more prototypical - if the turnouts in Saybrook were thrown remotely by the towerman. Well, that would require the installation of switch machines, as well as the running of all those power lines from each machine to a control panel (which would, incidentally, be located above my agent/operator's desk on the other side of the room).

So I decided to build a towerman's control board and - as is always the case with prototype modeling - I started with a photo of the prototype:

And here's what I ended up with:

For the initial build - and rebuild - of this cabinet/panel, click on the links. For all the details, from start to finish (in reverse chronological order as they were posted to the blog), click here.