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DCC Bus & Feeders

Here's my typical wiring setup:
  • NCE 5 amp DCC system
  • Busline: 14ga solid copper
  • Pigtails: 18ga, connected to bus via IDCs (insulation displacement connectors, aka suitcase connectors)
  • Feeders: 20ga solid copper, connected to pigtails using wirenuts.
But there may be a difference - electrically - between wiring many feeders together to one pigtail and bus connection versus wiring feeders one-by-one to the bus.

I'm showing just one side of the busline for simplicity. Of course, there's a whole other line - and associated feeders - to make a complete circuit.

Credit goes to Craig Bisgeier for the idea of wiring many feeders together - I'm just not sure if there's a limit to how many you can do together at once. At least I haven't run into any problems yet!

If you have any additional suggestions and/or are willing to share how you do your wiring, please share in the comments!