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Operation Protocols

  1. Sign the Crew Register

  2. Pickup Paperwork

    1. Job Card

      1. Conductor’s Notes which describe the job in detail

    2. Engine Card

      1. Engineer’s Notes which provide Function Key assignments

    3. Clearance Card & Orders

      1. The Clearance Card is your authority to be on the railroad and your Orders are your authority to operate only between certain points on the railroad, and sometimes include special operating instructions.

      2. Do not operate beyond your orders. If you need additional authority, contact the Dispatcher.

    4. Wheel Report

      1. Lists every car in your train before initial departure, including where it is destined.

      2. Record the time received in the upper right corner.

    5. Car Transfer Form

      1. Required for any cars which need to be transferred to another train in order to proceed to their final destination.

      2. Complete the card, address the card to the receiving train, and leave it in the bill box at point of transfer.

  3. PDX-1 & PDX-2 must receive permission from Dispatcher to depart and to occupy main track. HDX-7 and HDX-12 may depart as soon as they receive their paperwork.

  4. At each town:

    1. Sign the Train Register, reporting your arrival time and the number of cars in your train.

    2. Check the bill box for anything addressed to you (by engine # and/or train #).

    3. Switchlists and Car Transfer Forms addressed to you list the cars in the town that you need to pick up and where they need to go. Record the date/time received.

    4. Industries/track layout is located on the fascia at each town.