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Latest Bulletin Order

New York New Haven & Hartford Railroad Co.
Form 7/14/17
DATE: September 26, 1948 EFFECTIVE: 2:01a.m. ORDER NUMBER: 164-9

1). TIMETABLE and RULES / FORM 19 Operations:
a. Timetable #166 is in effect as of 2:01 A.M., Sunday, September 26, 1948.
b. Department Operating Rules 10th Edition is in effect.
c. No rule revisions at this time.

2). SPEED RESTRICTIONS and TRACK OUT OF SERVICE: (Also ref Record of Track Inspection Board)
a. All trains must use restricted speed on track between the following locations:
i. Between towns of Somerset and Draper
ii. North leg of wye in Old Saybrook to Plains Rd. crossing in Essex.
iii. SS-80 to Middlefield
iv. Slaughterhouse siding in Middletown and Shailerville Bridge in Haddam.
b. All trains must operate at a speed no greater than 10 mph on curve north of Rocky Hill station.

3). SIGNALS OUT OF SERVICE INFORMATION: (Also reference Record of Track Inspection Board)
a. None at this time.

a. Track switch in tunnel at Somerset is operated by toggle located at front of staging.
b. Track switch for Bulk Track/Meech & Stoddard at Middletown is operated by push/pull rod located on fascia and indicated by cork.
c. Qualified crewmember issuing Form 19 will include all instructions affecting train movements on such Form that are listed for that day’s operations.

5). TIMETABLE Special Instructions/Amendments:
a. Empty FD class cars must be placed at end of train ahead of caboose.
b. Town of Somerset – Restricted Clearance on Engine Service Supply Track. XM class cars are prohibited past smelter spotting location.
c. Town of Mill Hollow - Locomotives are prohibited on Feed Track. Train crews must use idler cars as needed when switching such track.
d. Middletown Yard – I and R-class locomotives are restricted to the following tracks:
a. Berlin Main
b. Yard 4
c. Yard lead
e. Grade crossings must not be blocked for more than 15 minutes.
f. Bad Order cars must be set out as soon as practicable upon discovery of defect. Such defect must be noted on blue tag provided for this purpose and placed on fascia near where car is left.
g. Track, engine, or other defects must be reported to the Superintendent on “Memorandum” form provided for this purpose.

C. R. Adams
Superintendent of Operations